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Balance is Bullshit? – unDuality

DSC_0389-2“unDuality means never having to get in balance….”

(Yes, it’s a poke at love story.)

And yes, it’s the way it is, because you can’t possibly be unbalanced.

Balance – is – bullshit.

What if the near constant “seeking of balance” almost everyone buys into, really was a way of avoiding the exploration of you, of what’s possible, of what is?

Stop seeking balance, start seeing YOU.

And more of you.

And more of you.

And more of you…



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  1. Harsha says:

    Oh great post!!! Too often in the past I used to worry about balance this strange notion of “compensation” or pain for pleasure or a negative for a positive and the like. That kind of thinking is can block manifesting tremendously. There is only one true balance and that is the balance of inner consciousness and our conditions, that balance is inescapable. That is the real balance and it is always in place there is nothing needed to keep it in place: it is the very nature of all things.