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Done With Struggle? – unDuality Teachings Melbourne

Hey mate,

How EASY do you want to make this “stuff”?

I find that this stuff (manifesting what you want – being at peace – living life to the max) is EASY.

(There were times in my life, when I found this stuff HARD.)

But it’s ALWAYS EASY when I am NOTICING….

  1. How incredible “reality” is IN THIS MOMENT…
  2. What “I am” is best described as “the spirit that moves” or “what gives birth to” or “consciousness” or “imagination”….

Think about it.

You aren’t anywhere NEAR – being limited to your physical body or being your physical body (something “you” annexed) and you can’t possibly be “your history”….

  • Though YOU do – give life to both.

(The question to ask yourself is, “what kind of physical body / and which version of history are you giving life to” – in this moment?)

DSC01318But think about it….

“Science” is now confirming – that “time” really isn’t this “rigidly defined – linearly operating” thing that we were taught it was.

And “light” – the most FUNDAMENTAL THING in the “universe” – behaves as YOU expect it to. (Expect it to be a wave, and it will be. Expect it to be a particle and it will be.) – – (I just snuck in “how to expect” anything….)

But I digress…

The US government invested possibly MILLIONS of dollars, into Out of Body and Astral Travel experiments, for Top Secret use. And heaps of people are now sharing how they have traveled through space and time too.

I have, heaps of times.   Seems like I do it pretty much every night now.  And over the years, I’ve written about it.

Like I said, “the universe” that “we created” isn’t nearly as BORING as many BORING people want to assert it is.

And then there is YOU.

One with “God”.  (Notice I Didn’t say, one with “the universe” or one with “ll things”.  A wave is one with the ocean….)

And you can discover that – again and again – in any moment – deeper and deeper.

The key to eternally discovering that is just STOP HAVING TO DEFEND what you aren’t, and FALL IN LOVE WITH EXPLORING YOU – and KEEP DISCOVERING what all you possibly give life to.

Time to sit – even more deeply – in the silence.

Mr Twenty Twenty

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  1. lisa says:

    This is a very nice article. I read all your writings on Neville, and find this site to be equally provocative and expansive. I love your mind.