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How To Silence The Mind? – unDuality teachings

“How do you suggest I quiet my mind?” – Paul R.

Hi Paul,

Anytime you don’t need proof you exist – the static stops.

When the static stops, both silence and sound reveal themselves in perfection.

Here’s the deal…

Imagine a television set from the 1970s. A television set that has a bit of a problem, it keeps needing proof that it exists, proof that it’s important, proof that it is the center of the universe.

So this television sits – turned on – for 24 hours a day – mostly to static – just prove that it is.

undualityThat’s how most people seem to be living their lives. Almost non stop static – giving them proof – that they exist – that they are important – that they are the center of the universe.

And the moment (in ANY moment) you stop needing to seek proof – both sound and silence – reveal themselves in perfection.

Mr Twenty Twenty
unDuality teachings – melbourne

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