Need More Energy? – Notice What You Are

bliss_emmettYou are – what gives – life.

You are – where energy comes from.

And our culture loves inviting you to CHASE attention – to SEEK attention – to IGNORE – what you are.

Listen in…

I’ve love to hear – see – read your comments.

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  1. Anne McDonald says:

    What a great concept! Unduality! Undo the notion that we could even POSSIBLY be somehow separate from ALL THAT IS!

    But then, some, or maybe even a lot of us grew up being taught that we are soooooo not that.

    Like when Jesus gives the direction to do what He does and greater, and then the teacher or the preacher or somebody in your world says He is the only one who can do all that stuff, and if we think for one minute WE CAN (in spite of His teaching), then we are incarnate devils headed straight for hell. Oh, and there is so much more on that, but I won’t go there.

    I know lots of our friends believe otherwise about Him, and Neville sometimes indicated that Jesus was a purely psychological, not historical, phenomenon. Doesn’t matter. We’re here to learn how to BE what He and those who took Him (in whatever form He revealed the promise) at His word Were and Are. We are practicing together, right this very minute, to BE the conscious creators we are intended to BE.

    So when 2020 gave us homework, in the first week of the absolutely delicious metamanifesting course going on now, to articulate a core state on which all of our other desirable states are constructed and link three of those to the core state to observe just how this oneness operates, I tried every way I knew how to avoid the ringing in my ears.

    But that bell had been ringing as long ad I

  2. Anne McDonald says:

    Yes we are all that. And, like it or not, we are ONE.

    The thoughts below are in response to the homework given in the first week of the newest MetaManifesting program, to define a core state and link it to 3 base-line desired states.

    My core, and I’ve been working with this since beginning with Neville and before I ever heard of Neville, because somehow, as a kid, I knew (and I may have mentioned this to you before, maybe not) that I was Jesus, that we all were Jesus) and I know Jesus is a name for I AM. Neville’s teachings just fit into that knowing for me. And when I read in Don Juan Carlos’ asking him (and I don’t care a bit if he was “real” or not ) about Jesus and Don Juan saying “Jesus is just the mold of man.” Just? is that a bit like saying the sun is just our source of heat and light? hmmm. But my next teachings were from Jim Goure, founder of The Light Center in Swannanoa/Black Mtn. NC. And again, there it was. Tag we’re all IT. So here’s my core with three states:

    I AM a fully Christ Awake, Aware and Activated Artist (with whichever medium is at hand at any moment, including music, writing, dance, ‘art’)

    I AM a fully Christ Awake, Aware and Activated steward of the land, including my land (and garden), home, and creature beings.

    I AM a fully Christ Awake, Aware and Activated teacher/facilitator of Art and Spirit.

    Thank you, thank you, three times Thank You, TT&V and friends, for imagining and imaging in by undoing resistance, this lovely Garden of Truth. Thank you for maintaining a place of alternating peace and rest, insight and challenge.