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Sit With It – UnDuality

 unduality“What do you do with negative emotions?”

Do this.  Sit with them.

That’s all.  Do this and you’ll discover they expire, and they return to where they come from.

Do this and you’ll discover you are the silence, that they arise from, that they return to.

The silence that you are is the eternal spring – the everlasting source – the spark.


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  1. Karen Bartlett Coursey says:

    Very timely advice. I recently had a situation arise which was very uncomfortable for me, experiencing a negative situation I’d never had to endure before. There was a solution available to truncate the experience, gloss it over, avoid the discomfort and end the situation and move on. Instead, I chose to “sit with it” instead. Why? Because I wanted to notice the feelings, I wanted to feel the discomfort and get comfortable with it, I wanted to discover my REAL feelings about it, I wanted to learn MY truth of the circumstances, I wanted to FEEL EVERYTHING about it. For then I could understand, for then I could analyze, for then I could grow, and for then, and only then, could I get comfortable with the moment and realize it was just the moment. It won’t be my future, because I understand the feelings and the feelings are now mine – I own them, they do not own me, ever. I hold the power of those feelings as my own. And that is what matters. I own the feelings, the feelings no longer own me ♡

    • Mr Twenty Twenty says:

      Hi Karen,

      You just wrote the first comment. I am tickled and tempted to frame it.

      Thank you for sharing you exploration of your moment with me.