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Tired of Loopiness? – unDuality

emmett missing momQuestion: “Do we become less loopy as duality fades? It seems so.” – S.S.


As you wake up, life (you) become less loopy but more random.

It appears to me that most people lather up with, rinse, and lather up again – with the same shit – for decades.

They live lives saying – thinking – feeling the same shit – while pretending it’s fresh, new, and unique every single time it’s smeared around – that’s insanity.

That’s what we’ll call loopy. – – As far as I can tell, how much loopiness you have in life, is a great indicator of how asleep you have been.

Waking up – experiencing unDuality – is an eternal invitation to endless randomness. NOTICING the novelty you are / that is in the endless moment of now. What is – is experienced and expressed without any resistance – to it happening – to it coming – to it going.

No attachments – no aversions – need apply.

And when they show up – in the unique way that they can only show up this time – instead of resisting them – NOTICE – the – novelty.

unDuality teachings by Mr Twenty Twenty – 2015

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