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Water World – unDuality

undualityCold. Hard. Separate.

That’s what life was like when I behaved as if I was an iceberg in the ocean. My biggest fear was melting away.

Cool. Fluid. Connected.

That’s how I lived my life, when I behaved as if I was a wave in the ocean. My biggest fear, crashing into the rocks and losing all momentum.

Then I became the ocean – one day – out of the blue. The ocean which forms and fills all the waves. The ocean that feeds and is fed by the icebergs. The ocean that is the source of all life.

Silence and stillness reigned supreme.

One day – I became able to be waves again. And able to notice at once – I am the waves – in motion – and I am the ocean – the source – the stillness.

And then being solid and separate – like the iceberg – wasn’t something to be avoided at all costs – but a priceless opportunity.

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    I like it. What can l do now?