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When I Lost My Virginity It Was Like Losing My Car Keys- unDuality teachings

unduality_teachings_melbourne_nonduality_virginityWhen I lost my virginity, it was like losing my car keys.  I had the opportunity to feel all kinds of emotions and sensations.   But for some reason, I was only aware of a very few – very predictable ones….

Every moment is like that – the entire spectrum of experience is available, and odds are if you are like most everyone – most all the time, you are very habitually feeling – the same feelings you feel – about just about everything.

(It’s like putting the same spice – on every meal you eat.   Let’s call that salt, and since salt is a preservative, is it any wonder why…. )


Have you noticed –  some people never feel guilty – and some feel guilt about everything – even things that happened long before they were born this time – things that happened far far away….

Some people feel excited – others feel nervous…. about just about everything.  And it’s all pretty darn – predictable.

Maybe you’ve noticed too….

Some people run their feelings in cycles and experience them in very predictable sequences.  First hesitant – then excited – the not sure – the full on diving in – only to then feel….

You fill in the blanks….

But here’s what I want you to do.  Just for fun…

I invite you to in “the moment” notice – that EVERY POSSIBLE EMOTION is available to you – at once – right now – in every moment.   Play with this enough, and you’ll notice they are all flirting with you – wanting you to give them life – right now.

To do this, you’ll have to drop the thought that there are good emotions and bad emotions.   Seems like having to sort them into “bad and good” makes you experience them – in slow – predictable – sequences.

(Which makes life, pretty darn slow….  and often tiring.)

To play more “in the moment” with every possible emotion, you’ll have to step out a bit and explore beyond the illusions of safe emotions and those you’ve built up defences against.   Dare to do this and you’ll get to experience HEAPS more energy and presence than ever before….

And you just might discover in a whole new way…  

You are – what gives life.

You are God Having the Adventure of a Lifetime.

Mr Twenty Twenty

unDuality teachings Melbourne…..


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